Wow, time flies! Caio is almost three years old and not a baby anymore. He is curious about the world around him and wants to know everything. “What is this?” or “What does it do?”. We are amazed how much he can remember, even if we say it only once, especially since we raised him in three different languages. Just imagine you have to triple the number of words you learn.

He gets more and more active, playing with all kinds of balls (Soccer, Football, Baseball), and he is getting better and better at catching balls. He loves to explore the woods in his National Park ranger jacket he got when he was way too young for it. His favorite truck, guess what, is a fire truck. He can even imitate the different sirens from Germany, the US, and Brazil. At home, painting is still high up on the 2do list, as well as playing Lego. He learned how to build tall towers (up to the sky) with Lego, but know all kinds of stuff is used to create large towers (did you ever find a food can tower in your cabinet?) After a long and active day, Caio loves to read books about Halloween, Cars, and fairy tails. He knows precisely what is in which book and is not going to bed before going through 3-4 books with him.

We hope this helps you to learn more about Caio and his interests.

April 9, 2019